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Fit Icon: Jennifer Connelly Workout

Posted By LoveTheBurn on Jan 10, 2011 at 2:58PM

Jennifer Connelly - Fit IconWith a movie releasing in theaters nationwide this Friday, January 14, 2011, it was only befitting to have Jennifer Connelly as this week’s Fit Icon. Connelly plays a part alongside Vince Vaughn and Kevin James in the upcoming movie The Dilemma. You may know Jennifer from such movies as, A Beautiful Mind & He’s Just Not That Into You.

With a curvy, lean yet, muscular body, what’s not to love (Measurements: 34B-22-34; Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine). Jennifer’s sculpted arms look simply amazing in every picture and film, along with her flat tummy (not everyone aspires to have a hard 6-pack. Love the body you have!), and defined back, we were sure to notice her. Planks are a great way to achieve her body because they work the abdominals, arms, shoulders, and back muscles.  

STEP 1: Lay face down on the floor resting on your toes, with arms bent. With hands making a fist, place them just outside shoulders with your elbows tucked in at your sides, resting on your forearms. This is your starting position.

STEP 2: Contracting your abdominal muscles, slowly raise your body up off the ground and hold it in a nice straight line. Make sure you are not swooping your back or arching it. The trick is to keep abs tight and back/body straight. Hold as long as you can. Try to complete 3 holds and increase time each set by 10 seconds. Maximum hold time is 1 minute.

DIET: As a vegan, Jennifer eats a lot of whole foods and lots of leafy green vegetables, giving her body all the nutrients it requires to be healthy and have a healthy, glowing physique. I’m not going to suggest everyone try a vegan diet (I know I couldn’t) but I will suggest eating tons of green leafy vegetables such as kale.   

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R.I.C.E: Reduce Pain And Swelling

Posted By LoveTheBurn on Jan 8, 2011 at 10:46PM

If you are injured, you need to allow your body to rest and heal before returning to working out, but what do you do when it first happens? As with all muscle injuries, R.I.C.E. is an initial response to therapy recommended by health providers. It is the best way to start the healing process of your injury. Memorize it!

Rest - Means ceasing movement of the affected area.

Ice - To reduce inflammation.

Compression - Limits the swelling.

Elevation - Involves placing the area higher to reduce inflammation and swelling.

As with any exercise program, check with your Doctor before beginning to make sure you are in physical health and you won't get injured by overloading yourself. If pain continues, SEE A DOCTOR and DO NOT workout. Depending on severity of symptoms, further imaging with radiograph, or MRI may be warranted to see if surgery or an underlying bone injury exists. xOx

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Back & Legs 101: Hip Extension With Pelvic “Peel” with Swiss Ball

Posted By LoveTheBurn on Jan 8, 2011 at 10:44PM

This Pilates exercise is called a "peel" instead of a lift or raise because you should move your body very slowly from the ground up. This creates space betwen the vertebrae disks, helping to lengthen and stretch your back. Part of the challenge in pilates comes from not allowing the momentum to take away from the control and precision you need to do an exercise. Although this exercise works our hamstrings, hip flexors, and abdominals, it is also working the pelvic area which helps us to control our bladders and bowels for a short or long time, allows us to enjoy sex, and strengthen out lower back and pelvis.

STEP 1: Begin by lying flat on the floor, hips in front of ball, with ball resting under your calves and heels pressed firmly into the ball. (For beginners, you can place ball closer to your bum (even touching it) with knees bent and calves resting on ball.

STEP 2: Squeezing your hamstrings and glutes, contract your abdominals, and raise your hips up off the floor. Keep shoulders away from ears and arms at your sides.

STEP 3: From this raised position, lift your left leg straight upward. Do this slowly and with a lot of control. This requires some balance so be sure to keep your right heel firmly pressed into the ball. Hold for 3 seconds and slowly lower leg back onto ball, returning to start position. Repeat for 15 reps and then switch legs. Work up to 3 sets of 15 reps.

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